Friends Wearing PAVONINI vol. 3 Heikki Kyllönen

Friends Wearing PAVONINI

Volume 3

Friends Wearing PAVONINI is a series of articles that introduces trendsetters of our time - inspiring personalities who, in their profession and in their free time, strive to make equality sexy, consumption more sustainable and the way we dress freer.


This time we visited Heikki Kyllönen living in Kamppi, Helsinki. Heikki is a fun-loving entrepreneur who pilots the successful marketing agency Parcero, who resonates with bohemian city life and who approaches style, hobbies and sexuality with an open mind. Heikki has just returned from a surf holiday in Mexico, when he opens the door for us in the pistachio green Art Nouveau house. Maté tea is steaming in the kitchen whilst Heikki puts on his Striped Blue PAVONINIs.


Heikki Kyllönen The PAVONINI at home

Heikki, sum up briefly, who are you and what do you do?

I am an advertising entrepreneur from East Helsinki with strong 13-year roots in Turku. My current identity is shaped around entrepreneurship, dancing, music and surfing. Right now, most of my time goes into promoting the business of my company @parceromarketing without counting the hours. Before COVID, I also did a lot of events, but now they have stopped, at least for a while.


Why do you find our boxershorts attractive?

I like to be silly and I don't take myself too seriously, because what in this world could be so boring that you couldn't always smile a little? I'm also obviously bohemian by nature and maybe that's why PAVONINIs have become my favorite boxershorts in a short time. What could be better than spending a lazy Sunday wearing boxers, sipping Coca Cola Zero and popping popcorns in your mouth? In general, the best boxers are those that feel amazing to wear, feel smooth on the skin and are simply comfortable.


Heikki sitting wearing Striped Blue PAVONINIs


As a bohemian by nature, how would you describe your dressing style?

Almost all my clothes, apart from sportswear, are black. Lately, I've been enjoying a leather jacket I bought second-hand, and in general, my recent finds at flea markets have taken my style in a new direction.


Today, dressing is influenced by a huge pile of different gender norms. Have these standards had an effect on how you dress?

I have always liked dressing up and dressed the way I felt was best. Because of my style, and to a large extent also because of my character, I get a lot of questions about my sexual orientation. I haven't really worried about these comments, especially lately, but I've taken them as a compliment, a freedom to explore the world and be what I feel like! In my opinion, a person is not unchanging anyway, but the experiences we dare to throw ourselves into and encounter constantly shape us forward in new surprising directions. So maybe I will encounter a moment in my life where I take fancy of or maybe even fall in love with, say, a person of the same sex. I'm at least open to that!


Heikki Kyllönen The PAVONINI at home

Heikki Kyllönen Skate boarding in The PAVONINI boxershorts


What would you like to see change in our clothing culture during your lifetime?

Regarding the dressing culture, I would hope that the current trend of used clothes and the use of recycled materials in clothing would become the norm. I want to encourage people to boldly bring out their own identity and to dress exactly the way they feel is best. It's not taking away from anyone!


The PAVONINI Heikki Kyllönen at home