About us

Elegance matters not your gender

The PAVONINI is a fine loungewear brand celebrating the longing for elegance in your everyday life, whether dressed or naked. We create unisex re-takes on classic style staple pieces starting from nothing less than the boxershorts.

Designed for style, functionality and comfort, our products are set apart by our high attention to detail, fine materials and european craftsmanship.

The Pavonini was born out of our need to showcase that classic clothes, such as boxer shorts, can be worn with elegance no matter your gender. Our mission is to create outstanding high quality pieces whilst breaking traditional gender stereotypes - those unspoken rules that currently prohibit us from living our lives freely. 


Our values: 

  • Gender equality - Offering equally well made products to customers regardless of gender should be self-evident. Unfortunately, womens wear brands have for long been using lower quality fabrics, poorer craftmanship and more unfunctional designs than mens wear brands. We think the quality of classic mens wear should be offered to women and others as well. Moreover, we want to question the idea of traditional "mens" and "womens" wear - as elegant, comfortable and purposeful clothes matter, not your gender. 


  • Classic elegance - Do you know the feeling of truly loving a piece of clothing every time you wear it? This feeling is our goal. Relying on a classic and elegantly cut design we make sure your boxers will feel always in style throughout their life span. 


  • Slow fashion - As the most sustainable garment is a garment in use, we only create products you can wear from season to season and year to year. We don't want to create short trends but rather a long-lasting lifestyle. Lastly, even though our purpose is to sell new products, we try to avoid creating new consumer needs but rather want to provide a better solution to already existing underwear, loungewear and nightwear demands.


  • Quality -  The big majority of today's ready-to-wear clothes are made with either poor materials, neglectful workmanship or unfunctional design details. We think a quality product cannot compromise in any of these areas. Hence, we only use 100% pure natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, that have been used for clothing for centuries. Our cotton fabrics are OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified and we buy both our cotton and silk fabrics from mills that have decades long expertise within the field. Our production is divided between partners who are specialized in either cut-trim-sew, embroidery or printing to guarantee highest precision to detail.  


  • European craftmanship - Europe has a rich history of artisanal craftmanship which we want to continue. Moreover, we want our manufacturing partners to pay fair salaries and offer pleasant working conditions to their employees. As Europe is our main market, local production enables shorter transportation distances.






    Iris & Jarkko
    The founders


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